Introducing: The Loop

Our Hub Space has a new name!

SAW Video is thrilled to announce the launch of a new name, brand identity and logo for our Hub Space. The space will now be known as The Loop: Collaboration + Experimental Learning. The decision to rebrand came after a year of growing into our new facilities and honing in on how we can reflect the needs and desires of our members and our community at large in a re-imagined physical space.

Inspired by the successes of the space this past year, The Loop will continue to function as a collaborative, co-working space for SAW Video producing members. We have seen and taken note of the importance this co-working/collaborative ethos has in fostering the exchange and development of ideas for our members. We wish to continue the growth and exchange of ideas with The Loop while opening up the space to new possibilities.

This new identity embodies the physical meeting place between our Knot Project Space and our training facility, functioning as both a physical and conceptual connector between approaches and programs on offer. The Loop will present experimental workshops, collaborative-freeform education and development opportunities, artist residencies, community access lectures, technical demonstrations and much more for those working and experimenting in the field of media arts.

The Loop’s programs and events will be developed within a cyclical outreach approach which for us means holding space for and being accountable to our community of artists. We are committed to listening and offering opportunities and tangible outcomes of our Loop programs to a wider audience.  

The Loop wants to raise a new generation of media artists who are curiously vulnerable, collaborative and weird.

We would like to thank our talented graphic designer Gary Franks.

You can find out more about The Loop, here