This film is a bastard satirical mutation comprised primarily of animated collage bits of Gustave Doré's Divine Comedy engravings of the Inferno and those oversized "how to" books by Walter Foster and animator Preston Blair. You know the ones. The diametrically opposed bits were selected, photocopied, chopped up, and then processed in a blender before being forced at gunpoint onto film. As a final conceptual insult, this scathing critique of bland toons is only available for screening on video. SEE the Hand of cartoon Fate! REVEL in the uncomfortable juxtapositions of high and low brow! TRY to figure out why Bob Hope's skull is in this film!

Kevin Kurytnik
City, Province
Calgary, AB

Kevin is an artist that makes drawings move, sometimes intentionally. He lives and works in Calgary, Alberta, making animation with his partner Carol Beecher. He indoctrinates unsuspecting students to the arcane ways of the animator at the Quickdraw Animation Society and the Alberta College of Art and Design. (

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