"Ask-Me" is an experimental camera-less animation piece etched directly on 16mm black leader, with the addition of colour using permanent markers.

Carol Beecher
City, Province
Calgary, AB

Carol Beecher was born in Calgary, Alberta, April 12, 1964. Her youth was spent moving all over the province from Calgary to Vermillion to Peace River to Grimshaw to Devon and back to Calgary where she entered first year at the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1982. She graduated in 1987 with a major in Ceramic Sculpture. She became an active Producing Member of the Quickdraw Animation Society in 1990, and became their first administrator. At this time, she started to explore the creation of animation, and began work on her first film, a 16mm cameraless project called "Ask-Me", for which she won Best Animation at the 1995 New Frontiers Film Festival in Ottawa, and was nominated for Best Experimental Film at the 1996 Yorkton International Short Film Festival. In 1994, Carol and her partner Kevin D.A. Kurytnik invested in the creation of their own animation production company, Fifteen Pound Pink Productions. In '95, they created their first project under the Pink banner, a 3:30-minute cameraless video, "Trees!", which has been screened at film festivals around the world, and has won many awards, including a Silver Hugo Award at Intercom 95 in Chicago, Illinois. They are currently hard at work on an intense, multi-year cell animation production, "Mr. Reaper’s Really Bad Morning", an 18-minute film "about the uneasy co-existence between life and Mr. Death." Carol takes her role as animator and arts professional very seriously, being active in promoting awareness of animation as a viable artistic expression through QAS and as a member of the 1998 and 2000 Board of Directors of ASIFA Canada (Association International du Film d'Animation). She is also involved in various capacities with the development of a strong media arts community in Calgary. (www.mrgeorgereaper.com)

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