A gaze is equally important, if not more, than an action. What do you see? A sewage collector, a falling leaf, a ray of steam... This short video was born as a videography reel. Amazing piece of music - an anonymous mystery of the Internet had inspired me. Shot in Ottawa and suburbs under available light conditions.

Anatoly Ignatiev
City, Province
Ottawa, ON

Anatoly was born in 1953 in Riga, under the eye and iron fist of Stalin’s apparatus. He grew up gradually turning to the unmatchable values of uniqueness and unrepeatedness of human personality. As an attempt to preserve a subjective truth, he naturally became an independent documentarist. He moved to Canada in 1990, where he is still fighting the windmill of mediocrity. Favourite writer - Michael Bulgakov - "...manuscripts do not burn..." Favourite philosopher - Nikolay Berdiaev - "...even more I hate an organized revenge by State..." Favourite social organization - SAW Video.

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